Hello Happy Kids!

Happy Kid Educational Group was founded in 2010 by four individuals from three countries linked by existing, but un-related business connections and as parents to young children.

We all felt that there should be some fun educational songs for young children aged to six years that added more quality to existing traditional songs and lullaby’s. With this as the basis of our challenge we set about writing melodies that were catchy upbeat and unique with lyrics that taught almost by accident.

All the songs are written by Estonian Jaan Pehk and are electronically manipulated to have the inclusion of any child’s name to individualise them. The songs and names are all sung in each language by the same singer of the songs making the insertion of any name seamless.

Happy Kid have to date finalised songs and name banks in Estonian, Danish, Swedish and Russian.

All the songs and albums are available online as electronic downloads or hard copy CD. Should a name not be available any name in any language can be order specifically and once recorded added to the existing name bank.

We are currently working on songs in German which is scheduled to go live in the last quarter of 2014. Happy Kid plan to extend our portfolio to English, Spanish, French, Polish, Finnish and Norwegian in the near future. Following on with languages of Asia and the Far East.

Happy Kid is the Group banner under which all individual websites are operated, each site itself linking to the others:

Estonian: www.nimelaul.ee
Russian: www.mojapesnja.eu
Danish: www.syngmitnavn.dk
Swedish: www.sjungmittnamn.se